About us

Founded by a young French woman, She Caribea is a brand that brings you the best of African history and culture in every piece you wear.

Born and raised in Guadeloupe and now living in Paris, Soukaéna has always been fascinated by African history and culture. She couldn't identify with European or ethnic clothing. She wanted everyday pieces with a cultural touch. In creating this brand, she wanted to appeal to women over 30, who want to have a touch of originality with timeless and durable pieces.

The brand brings an alternative to fast fashion, and pieces with history and culture for everyday occasions. Wear them every day, on occasions like going to work, brunch with the girls or a walk around town.

We source our fabrics from weavers and dyers on the African continent. These fabrics are shipped to local factories where they are transformed into our collections designed in France. Thanks to a close collaboration with the workshop managers of each factory, we are able to produce high quality garments that use only natural dyes from plants such as indigo or madder root.